Organization Outlook

Ocean cross ocean shield is a green party npo structured to addressing the global mega problem issue 'Ocean pollution'. We believe as highly developed civilizations we can come together to cultivate fixing the problem expiditedly.

Major initial fundings by EMS company owners may soon help blast off our 'seavangealism' advertisements aimed at communicating with both the US and international perception for donating. Its also meant to incorporate a trust throughout civilizations, and an encouraging moral that the job can be done. We may possibly providing equipment or supplies to lesser developed nations. So by working together we will fix the problem.

We are setting out towards a total victory of over 350 thousand miles of shorelines, in 150 different countries, against the 'Mega-Problem' of oceans pollutions by cleaning the oceans waters. The Seas require a turning point right now, though because the problem continues to grow bigger by continuous pollution, and worsen as the plastic becomes more toxic, or smaller, with time, we challenge a convicting to every American to act now!

In an attempt to actually bring change forth, we're believing in developing a large scale number of specialized vessels and workers to fight the polluted oceans and unreachable or uninhabited coasts that direly need to have unbound of the horrid human wrong quickly.

I've spoke with Louisiana professional ship operators, and they say that mechanics can construct screens from teflon, placed on hydraulic arms to extend them into the water, to troll the waters capturing floating debris, like shrimp boats! Were aiming at creating a dozen this fall.

Also we have planned to transit several thousand semi-volunteers to uninhabited or difficult to reach places that are afflicted. Simply the purchase of several accommodation vessels, along with finding volunteers for a couple years coulf pull up several hundred million tonnes of washed up debris yearly. Were looking to get help with food and fuel as well. Our SCUBA diver teams will use underwater drones, locals advice, and dingy boats to can make it happen.

With care to attention were revising soundly sceintific innovation for creating our own innovations. To us this means to put up or shut up. So the big picture idea we have to share is to go get the 'Floating Trash' in gyres, before it leaves and goes somewhere else next, and unfortunately, destroying all creatures in its path.Our word is to do the most humane thing evidentual by observance, and act with other nations organizations 'green' sustainability by sound sciences, and help with their stewardship infrastructures as well.